Micah Persell

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                                                              Of Eternal Life

Winner of the 2013 Virginia HOLT Medallion Award of Merit in the paranormal category.

Second place in Lyrical Press's first annual "How Lyrical Is Your Romance" contest.

4 Stars - Of Eternal Life
"...I think that Persell’s jam-packed plotlines and highly sensual lovemaking reminds me of a mixture of Virginia Henley and Stephanie Laurens (only you know, contemporary as opposed to historical, and replace pirates and horses with the military and the Garden of Eden)."

"In Of Eternal Life Micah Persell introduces her hero by exploring the very practical downside of not being able to stay dead.  The description of Eli’s imprisonment and torture is deliciously gruesome with a sadistic edge that rivals some of the best horror stories and thrillers.  Despite opening in a very modern government facility, Eli’s immortality is steeped in some of our oldest mythology giving their relationship an element of fate.  Eli and Abilene’s passionate attraction is instant and overwhelming. Getting their emotions to agree with their bodies makes for some interesting twists and turns.  Be sure to check out this new twist on the immortality theme!"
-Irene Preston, author of Infamous

                                             Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

5 Stars
"...Micah Persell builds on the world she created in Of Eternal Life by presenting the story of the villain in the first book, Dahlia, and star-crosses her with a wonderfully damaged hero, Jericho. ...Even with its paranormal twist, this is essentially a tried and true story of a woman fighting, against all odds, to learn how to depend on herself and how to make certain her past will not be repeated. This reader spent a couple long nights racing to the end of the book, simply because when a woman is backed into this kind of a corner, you don’t want to leave her alone."

-Becky Lower, author of The Reluctant Debutant and The Abolitionist's Secret

5 Stars
Another hit for author Micah Persell! I loved this sequel as much as the first. Maybe even more. Jericho and Dahlia are complex, fascinating characters, both with dark pasts and secrets. Their romance is both sweet and hot, but it doesn't come easily. I wondered how on earth Dahlia could be redeemed, but I ended up with a lot of respect for her character. ...I love the paranormal world in this series - there's nothing else like it. You'll love Persell's rich, vivid writing style. ...Escape into a world of adventure and romance - don't miss Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I couldn't put it down."
-Moriah Densley, author of Song for Sophia and The Valkyrie's Guardian

                                             Emma: The Wild and Wanton Edition

4 Stars
"This 'wild and wanton' rewrite of Jane Austen’s Emma did not disappoint...The transitions are seamless, the writing styles matched extremely well. I like to think that Austen (after getting over a bit of shock) would have welcomed these spicy, but tasteful, additions to her story. I know that I certainly did."
-Tatooed Book Review

4 Stars
"A more explicit Emma sent my thoughts in two directions. The first was that Jane Austen, spinster, could never have written a book with sexy scenes, as it was totally outside her experience. That thought is kind of depressing, actually – even a genius can’t overcome a stumbling block as large as virginity. As much as I would like to think that Jane could have snuck a dirty book (Fanny Hill was published in 1748, after all), it’s unlikely. The second, more cheerful thought is that, by making it more like a contemporary novel, the wild and wanton version of Emma made it more accessible to a modern audience in the sense that it it was similar to modern ideals of courtship. Jane’s characters find relationships in the meeting of compatible minds, but the modern romance reader expects zing. The zing made me think of Emma and Harriet more as the very young women they are, and also added an extra level of complication to the story. As much as Jane would, I think, be flummoxed by it, I rather liked the new wild and wanton angle."
-Plot Driven

4 Stars
Micah Persell has taken this beautiful story with its lively banter and unspoken attractions and filled in the blanks for us bringing EMMA to life in a way that I’m sure Ms. Austen would surely have approved - if it would not have shocked her into a blushing silence. Keeping true to the voice of Jane Austen, Micah has improved upon a classic. She has made it even more romantic, if possible. She's filled in the gaps for us. From Mr. Weston’s proposal to Miss Taylor and her wanton acceptance in the garden clear through to the Knightley’s wedding night, which was just as I would imagine it to be since Emma was most assuredly a virgin, when she married her Mr. Knightley. As Ms. Austen ended her own edition, there was most certainly a perfect happiness in the union."
-Unwrapping Romance

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